Burgers served with kennebec fries or substitute salad, chowder or poutine $4.50


Doc´s Crowded Seafood Chowder – cup $8/ bowl $13

An award winning – house speciality creamy chowder with a fresh Pacific seafood medley G


Doc’s Chicken Wings - $15

House hot, honey & fresh garlic, honey sriracha, sea salt & cracked black pepper, southern BBQ, lemon pepper, ranch dressing, celery  & carrot sticks


Savannah Chicken Tenders - $15

Yukon Gold fries & honey mustard


Chicken Karaage – 5 pc $11 / 10pc $19 / 15pc $25

Japanese style fried chicken thighs, ponzu sauce, green onions


Morgan Burger - $17

Grass-fed 7 oz angus chuck patty, balsamic onion confit, Doc´s secret sauce, artisan potato bun, aged smoked cheddar cheese, artisan greens, field tomatoes, dill pickle spear


OMG Crunchy Chicken Burger - $19

House made crunchy chicken, artisan potato bun, fresh spicy basil aioli, Canadian brie cheese, artisan greens, field tomato, red onions, dill pickle spear


Spring Salmon Burger - $20

Grilled sockeye salmon filet, lemon tarragon aioli, sun-dried tomato chutney, red onion, artisan greens, artisan potato bun, field tomato, dill pickle spear


Plant–Based Beyond Burger - $17

Grilled beyond patty, doc´s secret sauce, aged smoked cheddar cheese, artisan greens, red onions, artisan potato bun, field tomato, dill pickle spear  VG



All fish & chips come with kennebec fries, house coleslaw,

lemon & our own tartar sauce


           Pacific Rock Cod                         1 piece $15     2 piece $19

           Haida Gwaii Halibut                     1 piece $17     2 piece $24


Extra Tartar  $1.50            Extra House Coleslaw  $2.50



You may add any of the following to your favourite salad

Free Run Chicken Breast- $6   Black Tiger Prawns - $6   Sockeye Salmon Filet - $9


Beta Root Salad -    ½ - $10   Full - $15

Roasted heirloom beets, baby arugula, salted almond pieces, dried apricots,Canadian blue cheese, grainy mustard  tahini vinaigrette   VG /G


Rainbow Kale Caesar Salad -   ½ - $11    Full - $17

House made Caesar dressing, grana Padano, maple & black pepper bacon pieces, fresh avocado, local organic egg, roasted hazelnut pieces, sun-dried tomatoes  G


Green Anjou Pear Salad-    ½ - $10    Full - $15

Organic mixed greens, maple walnuts, crispy Brussel sprouts, roasted grape tomatoes, grilled Anjou pear, goat feta cheese, dried cranberries, champagne & maple vinaigrette  VG / G


Black pepper maple bacon $2     Wild mushrooms $1.75    Confit onions $1.5

Smoked Cheddar $2.5      Gluten free bun  $2  

Garlic bread  $2     Miso gravy (vegan)  $3   

Dips $1.50 - garlic aioli, blue cheese, house hot, honey mustard, plum sauce, BBQ  $1.75



We pride ourselves on house made products, locally sourced focusing on seasonal  ingredients


Baked Triple Cream Canadian Brie Cheese - $17

Butter puff pastry, mango chutney, house baked focaccia bread, black lavender honey drizzle  VG


1587 Crispy Brussel Sprouts - $12

Grana Padano, black lavender honey, toasted pumpkin seeds  G / V


 Ćevapi - $15

House made Eastern European pork sausage, grainy mustard, European braised purple cabbage, house pickled cucumber  G


Mozza Bread - $13

House made stuffed bread, maple & black pepper bacon, fresh basil pesto, mozzarella cheese, black sesame seeds, chilli flakes, smoked paprika compound butter, black lavender honey drizzle


Black Rockfish Bites - $14

Activated Charcoal batter, roasted beet remoulade, European braised purple cabbage, house pickled cucumber


Eagle Pass Nachos - $19

House made tortilla chips, jalapeño jack cheese, pickled red onions, black beans,roasted corn,  fresh jalapeño, house made sweet Mexican

chorizo or organic local tofu, roasted tomatoes, green onions, avocado mousse drizzle - House made tomatillo salsa & sour cream  VG



Starting at 4:30PM DAILY



Madeira Filet Mignon - $35

Aged AAA 7 oz. beef tenderloin, brown butter, seasonal vegetables, madeira demi-glaze,  classic fondant potatoes, roasted cultivated mushrooms, fresh micro herbs


Butternut Squash Steak - $24

Forged mushroom ragu, fennel, tomato, zucchini, eggplant, sweet green peas, cultivated mushrooms, parsnip puree, cashew ricotta "cheese", parsnip crisps, mico herbs VG/V




Pastel Atlantic Lobster Gnocchi - $30

House made kuri squash lobster gnocchi, black Russian kale, sweet green peas, cultivated mushrooms, parsnip crema, butter poached lobster, beet puree, kale puree, edible coral, parmesan cheese


Chinook Salmon - $27

Grilled foraged mushrooms, caramelized fresh fennel, charred corn, celeriac nage, roasted Brussel sprouts, candied heirloom tomatoes



Please ask your server about daily house made desserts!


G - Gluten Aware Items are indicated    V - Vegan option   VG - Vegetarian option

Please inform your server of any allergies before any orders!

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness. A cooking step is needed to eliminate potential bacteria viral contamination.