We care about the health and safety of staff and patrons alike. During this time, we are taking the following actions to ensure that we provide a safe and favourable experience for all of our guests:


Daily Operations:


  • We are limiting the number of guests within the pub & restaurant at any time .  Maximum 6 people at a table.


  • Directional exit and entrance paths with signage have been created to avoid congestion.


  • A maximum group of 6 guests will be sat at one table.


  • Floor plans and table arrangement have been adjusted to ensure maximize social distancing throughout the restaurant.


  • Menus will be paper, single use disposable while also offered online at


  • We have enhanced our cleaning & sanitizing schedules before we open and close and while we are serving guests during our operational hours.


  • We have added support staff that will be devoted solely to cleaning and maintaining our cleanliness standards, paying attention to frequently used areas such as washrooms, bar and service areas


  • All surfaces will be deep cleaned following closing daily.


  • We have added complimentary hand sanitizer stations at entrances, exits & washrooms.


  • To minimize cross contamination, we will offer table amenities on request.


  • We have moved our takeout operations to our side door to limit congestions within the restaurant.




  • All employees will be monitored and leave or not report to work if expressing symptoms of illness.


  • Staff will be wearing masks and visors when 2 metres distance is not possible.


  • Designated service area will be implemented at each table to limit contact.


  • Pre-shift meetings will be held frequently to go over service reminders and daily operations with health and safety at the forefront of conversation.


  • Distance will be kept between the kitchen and front of house. Only bussers and expeditors will have access to the kitchen.


Back of House Operations:

  • Our kitchen team will maintain dedication to FoodSafe procedures with heightened sanitization or surfaces, especially those of high traffic, and profuse hand washing.


  • Deliveries will occur during off hours where gloves will be mandatory.


  • Thirty-minute timers will commence handwashing and surface sanitizing, with special attention to common use surfaces.


  •  Dishwashers will be equipped with gloves and face masks and be the only back of house staff in contact with returned dishes.


Contact Tracing

  • Hostess and/or servers will ensure that a name and contact number is kept on file for each table in the event that contact tracing is required.